Giada Pistilli

Giada Pistilli

Principal Ethicist, Hugging Face.

Title: Conversational AI Ethics: Philosophy and Real-World Case Studies


In the rapidly changing landscape of Machine Learning, Large Language Models (LLMs) are taking a central role in both industry and academia. However, this swift progression brings forth ethical dilemmas and possible societal repercussions. The keynote will explore the philosophical foundations of ethics as they relate to ML and delve into real-world case studies. Specifically, it will highlight open science initiatives like BigScience, which collaboratively developed and deployed a multilingual LLM, BLOOM, and its accompanying dataset, ROOTS.

Short bio

Giada Pistilli is a philosophy researcher specializing in ethics applied to Conversational AI. Her research mainly focuses on ethical frameworks, value theory, applied and descriptive ethics. After obtaining a master’s degree in ethics and political philosophy at Sorbonne University, she pursued her doctoral research in the same faculty. Giada is also the Principal Ethicist at Hugging Face, where she conducts philosophical and interdisciplinary research on AI Ethics and content moderation.