Completed Ph.D. Dissertation Supervision

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  2. Ulysse Gérard, ``Computing with relations, functions, and bindings'', 18 October 2019, Ecole Doctorale de l'Institut Polytechnique de Paris. His thesis is available on HAL.
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  4. Roberto Blanco, ``Applications of Foundational Proof Certificates in Theorem Proving,'' 21 December 2017 (University of Paris-Saclay) His draft version of his thesis is available here and it appears also as a report on HAL.
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  6. Ivan Gazeau, ``Safe Programming in Finite Precision: Controlling Errors and Information Leaks,'' 14 October 2013 (Ecole Polytechnique). Co-supervised with Catuscia Palamidessi.
  7. Olivier Delande, ``Symmetric Dialogue Games in the Proof Theory of Linear Logic,'' 15 October 2009 (Ecole Polytechnique). His thesis is available here and here.
  8. Vivek Nigam, ``Exploiting non-canonicity in the sequent calculus,'' 18 September 2009 (Ecole Polytechnique). Thesis is available here.
  9. David Baelde, ``A linear approach to the proof-theory of least and greatest fixed points,'' 9 December 2008 (Ecole Polytechnique). Thesis is available here.
  10. Alexis Saurin, ``Une étude logique du contrôle (appliquée à la programmation fonctionnelle et logique),'' 30 September 2008 (Ecole Polytechnique). Thesis is available here. This thesis has won the Prix de thèse de l'Ecole Polytechnique for 2009 and the Prix de thèse ASTI 2009.
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Completed Master's Thesis Supervision

  1. Jérémie Wajs, ``Design and implementation of a theorem prover for operational semantics'', May 2000. (Pennsylvania State University).
  2. Alexander Betis, ``Object Programming, Linear Logic and Java'', December 1999. A description of his Masters thesis is available. (Pennsylvania State University).
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  4. Amy Felty, ``Using extended tactics to do proof transformations,'' December 1986. (University of Pennsylvania)
  5. Greg Hager, ``Computational aspects of proofs in modal logic,'' December 1985. (University of Pennsylvania)

Completed Internship Supervision

  1. Ulysse Gérard. Proof-theory for term representation, August 2015.
  2. Jean Pichon.Why moving focusing to arithmetic is more difficult than expected, ENS Cachan, 2013.
  3. Florence Clerc.Study of Double-Negation Translations and Focused Systems, Ecole Centrale Paris, 2012.
  4. Ivan Gazeau. Utilisation de lemmes en déduction modulo, LIX and ENS, 2008.
  5. Alexandre Viel. Recherche de preuve efficace dans une logique à points fixes, LIX and ENS, 2008.
  6. David Baelde. Logique linéaire et algèbre de processus. LIX and ENS, 2005. Document deals with various possible connections between proof search in logic and asynchronous computing (for example, between linear logic and the join calculus).
  7. Axelle Ziegler. Un format pour que la bisimulation soit une congruence dans les langages de processus avec mobilité. LIX and ENS, 2004. Co-supervised with Palamidessi.
  8. Emmanuel Jeandel. Logique et jugement génériques Penn State and ENS, 2001.