Some Informations or hints for making video lectures

Written material

I wrote down some general thoughts and practical advices about the making of video lectures: the english version and the french version.

Lecture Samples

These samples come from the course INF371 given during the spring 2020 to first year students of École polytechnique. Everything is in french.

Two presentations of percolation and union-find

These are not precisely lectures but serve as introductions to the first programming class, whose topic I stole from Robert Sedgewick's excellent Mooc. I made these early on, in a slight hurry, and edited them myself; there are some imperfections, but they are reasonably easy to follow, even when not a computer-scientist.

Presentation of the imperative core of the Java Programming Language

These are taken from the first lesson of the course and were edited by Frédéric Picazo; the most interesting one is probably the second one which can be viewed by itself:


All the material belongs to me and Ecole polytechnique.