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About me

I am a postdoc of the Chaire X-Uber “Integrated Urban Mobility”, backed by L'X -École Polytechnique and La Fondation de l'École polytechnique and sponsored by Uber, working under Claudia D'Ambrosio. Visit this link for more details.

I received my PhD in Mathematics from the Universidad de Murcia (Spain) in October 2019. My PhD thesis was entitled “Set packing, location and related problems” and supervised by Prof. Alfredo Marín. I took my master's degree in Mathematics with major in Statistics and Operations Research (2015-2016) and a double BS degree in Mathematics and Informatics Engineering (2010-2015) at the Universidad de Murcia.

Research topics

-Integer Programming

-Discrete Location

-Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

-Graph Theory

-Air Traffic Management

Distinctions and Awards

-SOLA Dissertation Award 2020, awarded by SOLA, Section on Location Analysis of INFORMS

-EURO YoungWoman4OR 2020, awarded by EURO WISDOM Forum

-Extraordinary Doctorate in Mathematics Award 2021, awarded by Universidad de Murcia

-Prize Vicent Caselles 2021, awarded by the Spanish Royal Mathematical Society (RSME) and the BBVA Foundation


Book Chapters

A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "p-Median Problems" in Location Science, pp.25-50. Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-32176-5. Editors: G. Laporte, S. Nickel and F. Saldanha da Gama


1. M. Pelegrín, C. D'Ambrosio "Aircraft deconfliction via Mathematical Programming: Review and insights" Transportation Science (to appear)

2. M. Cerulli, C. D'Ambrosio, L. Liberti, M. Pelegrín "Detecting and solving aircraft conflicts using bilevel programming" Journal of Global Optimization (to appear)

3. A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "The double-assignment plant location problem with co-location" Computers and Operations Research (2021) 126, 105059

4. M. Labbé, A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "Finding the root graph through minimum edge deletion" European Journal of Operational Research (2021) 289(1), 59-74

5. E. Carrizosa, A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "Spotting key members in networks: clustering-embedded eigenvector centrality" IEEE Systems Journal (2020) 14(3), 3916-3925

6. A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "Adding incompatibilities to the simple plant location problem: formulation, facets and computational experience" Computers and Operations Research (2019) 104, 174-190

7. E. Muñoz-Velasco, M. Pelegrín, P. Sala, G. Sciavicco, I.E. Stan "On coarser interval temporal logics" Artificial Intelligence (2019) 266, 1-26

8. A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "A new lifting theorem for vertex packing", Optimization Letters (2018) 13, 1299-1312

9. A. Marín, M. Pelegrín "Towards unambiguous map labeling - Integer Programming approach and heuristic algorithm", Expert Systems with Applications (2018) 98, 221-241

10. M. Pelegrín, B. Pelegrín "Nash equilibria in location games on a network" OR Spectrum (2017) 39, 775-791

Laboratoire d'Informatique (LIX)
École Polytechnique
91128 Palaiseau Cedex - France
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