In collaboration with Saïd Moutaouakil and Brahim Sadik (Marrakech university), we have designed in 2005 method for identifying the parameters ai and the delay h of a linear differential delay system of the form x(n)(t) = an-1x(n-1)(t) + ∙∙∙ +  a0x(t) +bu(t-h). We have written a note  “A method of identification for a linear delay system”, to which one0coull 2efer for further details. The Scilab files used for the numerical simulations done in the examples of the note could be downloaded here:

The function identificationRetardOrdre2 contained in the file Exemple2A.sci may be used to identify a system, knowing a constant frequency sample of the output x and of the control u during a long enough time interval in the case n=2. This work was completed in 2007 in order to take in account the case of a two delays system of the shape x(n)(t) = ax(t-h1) +bu(t-h2). For this, one needs to use the function twoDelaysIdentification of the file example3A.sci.