Michalis Vazirgiannis

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Theses Completed

PhD Theses (Completed)

  • G. Dasoulas, “Towards Expressive Graph Neural Networks: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications”, Cifre PhD (supported by Huawei), 03/2022.
  • G. Salha-Galvan, “Deep Learning of Graph Representations, with Application to Music Representation and Recommendation”, Cifre PhD (supported by Deezer), 03/2022.
  • G. Panagopoulos, “Learning Influence Representations: Methods and Applications”, Cifre PhD (supported by Amazon), 02/2022.
  • C. Wu, “Graph Representation Learning: from Kernels to Neural Networks”, @École Polytechnique, 11/2021.
  • Y. Qiu, “Real Time Recommendations for Web Marketing”, Cifre PhD (supported by Jellyfish), 10/2021.
  • G. Shang, “Spoken Language Understanding for Abstractive Meeting Summarization”, Cifre PhD (supported by Linagora), 02/2021
  • S. Limnios, “Deep Learning for Graphs”, @Ecole Polytechnique, 09/2020- currently postdoc @ Turing Institute, UK
  • S. Khalife, “Entity mining”, Cifre PhD (supported by BNP Paribas) 08/2020 - currently postdoc @ Ecole Polytechnique.
  • K. Skianis, @Ecole Polytechnique, “Novel Representations, Regularization & Distances for Text Classification”, 2019.
  • P. Meladianos, “Event detection from text streams”, AUEB, Greece (2018) –
  • M. Rossi, “Influence Maximization with graph degeneracy”, @Ecole Polytechnique (France), 2017 – currently at ProbaYes – Advanced analytics
  • P. Korvesis, “Predictive maintenance for aircraft logs”, @ Ecole Polytechnique (France), 2017, Data Scientist at Booking.com
  • I. Nikolentzos, “Machine Learning for Graph Kernels” @AUEB, Greece, 2017, currently postdoctoral researcher @Ecole Polytechnique
  • F. Malliaros, "Mining Social and Information Networks: Dynamics and Applications", @ Ecole Polytechnique (France), 2015 – nominated for Ecole Polytechnique best thesis prize, currently Assistant Professor at Ecole Centrale, Paris.
  • F. Rousseau, “Graph-of-words: mining and retrieving text with networks of features", @ Ecole Polytechnique (France), 2015, currently senior engineer @Google - nominated for Ecole Polytechnique best thesis prize
  • M. Thomaidou, “Machine Learning for Automated Web advertising“, @AUEB, Greece 2014, currently Manager @Facebook Ireland
  • M. Karkali “Time aware personalization and information retrieval”, @AUEB, Greece, 2014, currently researcher @ skroutz.gr (the major retail aggregator in Greece)
  • C. Giatsidis, “Degeneracy based Graph Mining” @ Ecole Polytechniqe, France 2013 – Ecole Polytechnique best thesis prize, currently Data Scientist @Amadeus, France
  • N. Salamanos, “Diffusion and Imitation in Social Networks” (2005-2011) @AUEB, Greece
  • P. Magdalinos, “Distributed Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms” (2006-2010) @AUEB, Greece
  • G. Tsatsaronis, “Text Mining for Information Retrieval” (2004- 2009) @AUEB, Greece - currently Scientist@Elsevier B.V.
  • D. Mavroeidis, “Data Mining Theoretical issues” (2004- 2009)- currently researcher at Philips.
  • A. Vlachou “Distributed Query processing” (2005 - 2008) – assistant professor at the University of the Aegean, Greece
  • C. Doulkeridis, “Organizing and Searching Data in Unstructured P2P Networks” (2003 - 2007) - currently Assistant Professor in Univ. of Pireaus, Greece.
  • M. Eirinaki, “Web mining for Personalization” (2001-2006) – currently Associate Prof at San Jose State Univ. California, USA
  • I. Varlamis, “WWW content management and mining” (1998 –2003), currently Assistant Professor at Harokopion Univ, Greece
  • M. Halkidi, “Uncertainty Handling in Data Mining” (1999 –2003) – currently Assistant professor at Univ. of Piraeus, Greece