Michalis Vazirgiannis

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Research Interests
Prof Vazirgiannis has conducted research in the area of large scale distributed data management and mining. Currently his research work and interests are oriented towards:
  • machine learning for graphs (graph kernels, embedding methods, deep learning for graph classification, large scale community detection) with applications in fraud detection
  • NLP and text mining (Graph of Words, Deep learning for text classification, summarisation and keyword extraction) applications
  • decision making methods, in particular: mathematical programming (mixed integer linear and nonlinear programming), combinatorial optimization, global optimisation, graph theory. We are interested both in methodology and applications, with a special focus on applications in energy optimization and computational geometry.
  • event and anomaly detection in data streams and time series (applications in text streams, sensory data, personalised medicine)
  • structured output prediction (multi-label classification, multi-output and sequential/dynamical models, probabilistic models and neural networks)
  • reinforcement learning (Bayesian models, and deep learning)
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