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MISIC, École Polytechnique

I semester 2007/2008

Exam projects

    Problem Name Team Supervisor Material
    Separation network planning Prosvirnova + Rivas Liberti Introductory material
    MINLP solution methods Liberti
    Modelling cellular automata Pharwaha + Albarran Liberti Introductory material
    A didactical implementation of the simplex method Liberti
    Improving UML class diagrams Brahim + Bendahou Liberti Introductory material
    Eternity II puzzle Foessel Sadykov Introductory material
    Minimum Cost Flow problem Jouai Sadykov Introductory material
    Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Crosthwaite + Ferreira Sadykov Introductory material
    Solutions of Linear Complementarity Problems (LCP) Kinengue + Chahid + Guillet Di Giacomo Introductory material

    Matos + Lecourtois: proposed project: Probabilistic spare-parts optimization, supervisor: L. Liberti (introductory material)

    (Laura Di Giacomo: digiacomo [at] lix [point] polytechnique [point] fr)




    071025 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Optimization on graphs) LL/RS
    071031 wed      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Linear programming I)   LL/LL
    071108 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Mixed integer programming) RS/RS
    071115 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Shortest paths algorithms) GN/GN
    071122 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Linear programming II)  LL/RS
    071129 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Nonlinear modelling I) LL/LL
    071206 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Constraint programming) RS/RS
    071213 thu      08:30-12:30 ISC612 (Nonlinear modelling II) LL/LL
    Every slot will be composed by 2 hours lectures (0830-1230) in Salle 72 (Batiment Paul Levy) and two hours of practical exercises in Salle Info 33.

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