The enum statement

ENUM is closely related to the #define preprocessor.

It allows you to define a list of aliases which represent integer numbers. For example if you find yourself coding something like:

        #define MON 1 
        #define TUE 2 
        #define WED 3 
You could use enum as below.
        enum week { Mon=1, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri Sat, Sun} days;
        enum escapes { BELL   = '\a', BACKSPACE = '\b', HTAB = '\t',
                       RETURN = '\r', NEWLINE   = '\n', VTAB = '\v' };
        enum boolean { FALSE = 0, TRUE };
An advantage of enum over #define is that it has scope This means that the variable (just like any other) is only visable within the block it was declared within.


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