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Leo Liberti, Nelson Maculan (editors)

Global Optimization:
from Theory to Implementation

Nonconvex Optimization and Its Application Series, vol.84

Springer, Berlin, 2006

Authors: H. Tuy, N.T. Hoai-Phuong, A. Strekalovsky, T. Westerlund, M.E. Bruni, S. Kucherenko, M. Drazic, V. Kovacevic-Vujcic, M. Cangalovic, N. Mladenovic, M. Grant, S. Boyd, Y. Ye, L. Liberti, J. Pinter, F.J. Kampas, M. Aouchiche, J.M. Bonnefoy, A. Fidahoussen, G. Caporossi, P. Hansen, L. Hiesse, J. Lacheré, A. Monhait, I.J. García del Amo, F. García López, M. García Torres, B. Melián Batista, J.A. Moreno Pérez, J.M. Moreno Vega, P. Tsiakis, B. Keeping, R. Andeani, J.M. Martinez, M. Salvatierra, F. Yano, C. Lavor
Chapter titles: Optimization under Composite Monotonic Constraints and Constrained Optimization over the Efficient Set. On a Local Search for Reverse Convex Problems. Some Transformation Techniques in Global Optimization. Solving Nonlinear Mixed Integer Stochastic Problems: a Global Perspective. Application of Quasi Monte Carlo Methods in Global Optimization. GLOB -- A new VNS-based Software for Global Optimization. Disciplined Convex Programming. Writing Global Optimization Software. MathOptimizer Professional: Key Features and Illustrative Applications. Variable Neighborhood Search for Extremal Graphs 14: The AutoGraphiX 2 System. From Theory to Implementation: Applying Metaheuristics. ooMILP: A C++ Callable Object-oriented Library and the Implementation of its Parallel Version using CORBA. Global Order-Value Optimization by means of a MultiStart Oscillator Tunneling strategy. On generating Instances for the Molecular Distance Geometry Problem.