GOR-Arbeitsgruppe: Praxis der Mathematischen Optimierung

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We are happy to announce the 99th meeting of the GOR working group “Real World Mathematical Optimization” in the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef (Hauptstr. 5, 53604 Bad Honnef). This meeting is held as a workshop:

Distance Geometry

Inverse problems between geometry and optimization

The DG17 workshop will place on November 23-24, 2017 (Thursday and Friday). Aim at arriving on the eve of Nov. 22 if you can.

Note that the participation in a GOR-AG-Workshop for non-members is subject to a registration fee, unless you are a speaker or a host. Except for students, the Physics Center collects an infrastructure fee of 30 Euro/person.

Please register online as soon as possible, and in any case no later than October 2017. Click here for urther information about the GOR and this meeting.

Organizing committee

This symposium is about real world optimization problems involving distance geometry (DG). Consider the very easy problem: given a set of points in a Euclidean space, compute a subset of the pairwise distances. The fundamental problem in DG is the corresponding inverse problem: given a simple undirected graph with edges weighted by the distance values, as well as an integer K, compute a set of points in a K-dimensional Euclidean space which realize the given distances. The corresponding decision problem (i.e. determine whether or not there exists the realization) is called Distance Geometry Problem (DGP).

Invited speakers

Some applications of DG

The DGP is crucial in several branches of science and engineering: synchronization protocols, positioning of wireless devices, structural biology, nanotechnology, control of unmanned underwater vehicles, graph drawing, architecture and more.

The impact of DG in applied mathematics

DG has been present in many sub-fields of mathematics.

Aim of the workshop

This two-day event attempts to give an overview of the current state-of-the-art of DG and of the development of its practical applications. Because of the many applications fields of DG, theoretical knowledge is often mixed with the application’s practical requirements. Many similar concepts have been defined more than once, and the communities around DG are segmented by the application. Among other things, we hope to contribute to unify these communities and help them to work together.

Please contact Leo Liberti liberti at lix polytechnique fr if you are interested in attending this workshop. Attendees from universities, research institutions, industry and software companies are welcome to present selected problems and available solutions. Since talk slots are limited, we reserve the right to select speakers.

You can also contact:

Confirmed presentations


Accommodation and meals are provided by the Physikzentrum as a full accommodation package at the price of 135 Euro for a single-room, or 128 Euro for a double-room, respectively. This is a full board price for the whole event (including one overnight stay, meals and coffee breaks, beverages). The Physikzentrum charges an additional infrastructure fee of 40 Euro from all non-student participants. After registering, cancellations are subject to a 75 Euro cancellation fee.


The workshop takes place at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef. Find directions to reach the Physikzentrum here.