CTW04 Sessions, Program and Chairs

There are three plenary invited talks (M. Queyranne, L. Stougie, H. Hamacher).
The contributed talks are scheduled into 16 sessions (6 of which are split into two parts). The order of the talks in each session follows the order of the following list. The name of the presenting author is typeset in boldface.
Workshop Program
There are six plenary sessions (a 15 minutes welcoming session, three 1-hour plenary lectures, the 1-hour "open problems" session and the 30 minutes closing session). Contributed talks are scheduled in groups of three parallel sessions held in different seminar rooms as specified below. Wide-interest topics will be presented in the Conference Hall, whilst other topics will be discussed in the smaller rooms (Sala Marcolini, the Library room).
31st May, AM 9-9:30 9:30-10 10-10:30 10:30-11 11-11:15 11:15-11:45 11:45-12:15
Conference Hall Coffee Welcome Plenary (M. Queyranne)
Sala Marcolini  
31st May, PM 14:30-15 15-15:30 15:30-16 16-16:30 16:30-17 17-17:30 17:30-18
Conference Hall Approximability and Complexity Coffee Advances in Optimization II
Sala Marcolini Advances in Optimization I Being Hamiltonian
Library Circulant Graphs Colouring Problems I Colouring Problems II
1st June, AM 9-9:30 9:30-10 10-10:30 10:30-11 11-11:30 11:30-12 12-12:30
Conference Hall Plenary (L. Stougie) Graph Theory I Coffee Graph Theory II
Sala Marcolini   Flows and Networks I Flows and Networks II
Library   Exact Algorithms I Exact Algorithms II
1st June, PM 14:30-15 15-15:30 15:30-16 16-16:30 16:30-17 17-17:30 17:30-18:30
Conference Hall TSP and Routing I Coffee Polynomial Problems Open Problems
Sala Marcolini Cliques Numbers and Graphs
Library Polynomial Cases of Problems in NP Applications of Local Search
2nd June, AM 9-9:30 9:30-10 10-10:30 10:30-11 11-11:30 11:30-12 12-12:30
Conference Hall Plenary (H. Hamacher) Coffee TSP and Routing II Closing
Sala Marcolini   Algebraic Structures
Library   Data Structures and Retrieval

Session Chairs

31/5 11:15 Conference Hall, plenary Queyranne/ FAIGLE
31/5 14:30-16:30 Conference Hall, Approximability and Complexity/ MAFFIOLI
31/5 17-18 Conference Hall, Advances in Optimization II/ SCHULTZ
31/5 14:30-16:30 Sala Marcolini, Advances in Optimization I/ PICKL
31/5 17-18 Sala Marcolini, Being Hamiltonian/ DEINEKO
31/5 14:30-15:30 Library, Circulant Graphs/ PRISNER
31/5 15:30-18 Library, Colouring Problems I & II/ ZEROVNIK

1/6 9 Conference Hall, plenary Stougie/ MALUCELLI
1/6 10-12:30 Conference Hall, Graph Theory I & II/ FUCHS
1/6 10-12:30 Sala Marcolini, Flows and Networks I & II/ PINAR
1/6 10-12:30 Library, Exact Algorithms I & II/ RIGHINI
1/6 14:30-16 Conference Hall, TSP and Routing I/ HAMACHER
1/6 16:30-17:30 Conference Hall, Polynomial Problems/ AMALDI
1/6 14:30-16 Sala Marcolini, Cliques/ TARDELLA
1/6 16:30-17:30 Sala Marcolini, Numbers and Graphs/ STOUGIE
1/6 14:30-16 Library, Polynomial Cases of Problems in NP/ QUEYRANNE
1/6 16:30-17:30 Library, Applications of Local Search/ LIBERTI

2/6 9 Conference Hall, plenary Hamacher/ MAFFIOLI
2/6 10:30-12 Conference Hall, TSP and Routing II/ CORDONE
2/6 10:30-12 Sala Marcolini, Algebraic Structures/ SCHRADER
2/6 10:30-12 Library, Data structures and retrieval/ WERTH

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