CTW on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization
CTW 2004

Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione

Politecnico di Milano
31 May - 2 June 2004

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The CTW04 Local Organizing Committee wishes to thank all the delegates to the workshop, and in general all the people that contributed to make this into such a successful event.


1. The extension for the DAM special volume submission has been extended to 20/10/2004.
2. The CTW04 proceedings were closed on 2nd June 2004 at mid-day, as scheduled. Here are some pictures (thanks to Dr. Maurizio Bruglieri and the Villa Vigoni staff). Anyone wanting to contribute a picture, please send them to the usual address [inactive email address] or to Leo Liberti's email address.
3. Following the tradition of previous workshops, the accepted presentations for the workshop will be made available in the Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics (ENDM). A Compressed Postscript and a PDF version of the Proceedings Book can be downloaded directly from this website. Furthermore, a special fully refereed issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics will be devoted to the workshop proceedings. The deadline for paper submission is 30 September 2004. Please send a Compressed Postscript or PDF version of your paper to [inactive email address].

About the workshop

Previous CologneTwente Workshops (CTW) were traditionally held every two years in either Cologne or Twente. Increasing interest in these workshops has suggested to expand both the organizational base and the frequency. To mark this new format we are happy to announce that the next workshop

CTW 2004

Topics are: graph theory and discrete algorithms (both deterministic and random) and their applications in operations research and computer science.

Submission of Abstracts

Prospective speakers are asked to submit an Extended Abstract of their presentation, which will be refereed by the scientific committee. Please submit your Extended Abstract (min. 3, max. 5 A4 pages) before
15 February, 2004
in LaTeX using the special style-file which you find on the Elsevier's site, or here if the Elsevier site is down. Send the LaTeX source, all required image files, and a compressed PostScript to [inactive email address].


Notification of acceptance should reach the participants by 15 March, 2004.

Conference Fee

The conference fee of 150 Euros includes registration, conference material, coffee breaks, lunches and the conference dinner. Please note, however, that the conference fee does not include lodging. Please credit the bank account specified below by:
8 April, 2004
A limited amount of money is available to support young researchers or those without the means of paying the fee. In order to apply for a grant, please submit an application form to [inactive email address] specifying: No travelling or accommodation grants are available at this time.

Scientific Committee

E. Amaldi (Milan), H.J. Broersma (Enschede), U. Faigle (Cologne), J.L. Hurink (Enschede), F. Maffioli (Milan), F. Malucelli (Milan), R. Schrader (Cologne), R. Schultz (Duisburg), G.J. Woeginger (Enschede)

Local Organization

E. Amaldi, P. Belotti, M. Bruglieri, L. Liberti, F. Maffioli, F. Malucelli

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We acknowledge the partial financial support of the German Research Foundation, DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).


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