the Proof-Search factorY for Collaborative HEuristics

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Compiling Psyche requires an OCaml compiler. We compile it with OCaml 4.02 (with ocamlbuild), and findlib 1.6.2. Psyche 2.1 also uses Jane Street's Core and ASync libraries.

Version 2.1 (11/08/2016)
Source: Psyche-2.1-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-2.1-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 2.02:
- New theory module for ground theory combination, as alternative to first-order unification theory
That module works as an orchestrator that can take a list of arbitrary theory solvers and combines them in an asynchronous way; this is using Jane Street's Async library, whose task scheduler we use to run the different theory solvers concurrently
- Reorganisation of code for the above

Version 2.02 (6/11/2014)
Source: Psyche-2.02-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-2.02-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 2.01:
- hotfixes

Version 2.01 (4/10/2014)
Source: Psyche-2.01-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-2.01-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 2.0:
- hotfixes
- better address system for plugins

Version 2.0 (20/9/2014)
Source: Psyche-2.0-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-2.0-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.6:
- Psyche goes first-order
- kernel can treat quantifiers, propagate constraints from branch to branch (still about 800 lines)
- a theory module implements pure first-order logic
- the SMTLib2 parser can handle quantifiers

Version 1.6 (6/5/2014)
Source: Psyche-1.6-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.6-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.5:
- added Congruence Closure among theories
- provided restart features
- provided additional python tools for monitoring runs

Version 1.5 (21/4/2013)
Source: Psyche-1.5-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.5-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.4:
- removed Memoisation facility from kernel; LCF-style ensures this is safe
- gathered debug code in one module "Dump", where each component can dump information
- more generally, purified kernel code, now only 575 lines long (Psyche 1.5 is 4155 lines in total)

Version 1.4 (26/3/2013)
Source: Psyche-1.4-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.4-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.3:
- reorganisation of code de-correlating parsers and theories (adding new theory does not require writing a new parser entirely)
- command-line option to treat input files from smaller to bigger or alphabetically

Version 1.3 (14/3/2013)
Source: Psyche-1.3-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.3-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.2:
- input can be standard input or file or examples present in the code
- creation of a real command-line interface, where everything can be controlled (theory, plugin, latex output, input,...)
- addition of a decision procedure for linear rational arithmetic
- parser for SMTLib2, so that Psyche can parse linear rational arithmetic problems
The parser uses Alt-Ergo's SMTLib2 parser.

We compiled previous versions with OCaml 3.11.

Version 1.2 (21/1/2013)
Source: Psyche-1.2-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.2-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.1:
- The plugin for DPLL with watched literals can now either branch on Decide or on the analysis of a clause that is not yet satisfied.
- The DIMACS parser is a bit more robust (considers tabs like spaces, better ignores comment lines,... but please finish each clause with a 0!)

Version 1.1 (3/1/2013)
Source: Psyche-1.1-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.1-byte.tar.gz

Change log since 1.0:
- Kernel is now modularised by a decision procedure to be called for initial rule (axiom) and for consistency checks.
An src directory dec_procs has been created to place the decision procedures; it currently contains the interface (module type) that decision procedures are required to implement, and the decision procedure for the empty theory
- A new plugin has been added for DPLL, implementing the technique of watched literals; that technique allows fast detection of backtrack and unit propagation states (faster than the technique implemented in the previous plugin based on Patricia trees). Old DPLL plugin renamed DPLL_Pat, the new one is called DPLL_WL.

Version 1.0 (5/9/2012)
Source: Psyche-1.0-source.tar.gz
Bytecode: Psyche-1.0-byte.tar.gz