Online scheduling algorithm for jobs of different sizes arriving online on two machines to minimize makespan

Online Algorithm - Graphical interface for SLEEPY : a non-optima implementation of an algorithm scheduling different sized jobs on two machines, in order to minimize the makespan. The algorithm might wait for a time (linearly dependant on the size of the job) before scheduling it on a non-busy machine, in case a bigger job arrives meanwhile.


GUI for solving P_rj_pjp_Dj_sumCj - An interesting approach of a problem solved long ago: you'll find there an implementation of our method : we use a linear program to solve it, this linear program being totally-unimodular, the solutions to the linear program are always integer.

Prefetching and Caching

GUI for solving Prefetching and Caching - Another demonstration on the same approach as before, on a caching problem this time. A totally unimodular program solves the problem. Here is the link to the graphical interface calling this program.

Scheduling tall and small jobs

GUI for solving Scheduling tall and small jobs - Last one of the serie: different problem, same type of resolution