Hotel Reservation

The local organizers arranged for a block of rooms reserved for the LPAR 2006 conference for preferential room rates in Hotel Cambodiana. They will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. The following table indicates the rates for different room categories. All prices are per night and net (i.e., all taxes included). There is something for each budget!

Room Rates

Room type Location Single Double
Standard 1st & 2nd Floor USD $50.00 USD $60.00
Deluxe 3rd & 4th Floor USD $75.00 USD $85.00
Deluxe Mekong Club 5th Floor USD $85.00 USD $95.00
To reserve, please print, fill in and fax the

Hotel Reservation Form

to Hotel Cambodiana. All necessary information is printed on the form.


Additional Benefits for Mekong Club Floor Guests

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