F R A N K     D.    V A L E N C I A' s     H O M E     P A G E
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Frank D. Valencia
CNRS Research Scientist at
Laboratoire d'Informatique (LIX)
École Polytechnique de Paris
in the INRIA team COMÈTE.

Postal Address:
Campus de l'École Polytechnique
1 rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves
Bâtiment Alan Turing
Palaiseau, 91120 France.

Office: 2069 - Tel:+33(0) 1 77 57 80 44 - Cel:+33(0) 645 01 12 73 - Fax:+33(0) 1 74 85 42 42
  e-mail: frank.valencia@gmail.com

How to get to LIX (located at the Inria Saclay Research Centre)


  Main interests
        Process calculi
        Logic for computer science
        Constraint-based formalisms

   Research papers and projects

  Main Supervisor of:
        Michell Guzman, 2014-. (PhD Student)
        Salim Perchy, 2013-. (PhD Student)
        Sophia Knight, 2011-2012. (PhD Student)
        Luis F. Pino, 2011-2014. (PhD Student)
        Andres Aristizabal, 2009-2012. (PhD Student)
        Jesus Aranda, 2006-2009. (PhD Student)
        Carlos Olarte, 2006-2009. (PhD Student)

  Current activities
       PC Chair of ICTAC 2015
       Coordinator of LIX Postdoctoral fellowship
       PC Member of PPDP 2014
       PC Member of ICLPDC 2014

  CV in PDF format.

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