A season of construction on the Polytechnique campus

There are two building sites active on the Polytechnique campus between the Lozere RER station and the Alan Turing building. (Construction on the second of these started October 2019.) The path to Inria and LIX is slightly different than previous for people walking from Lozere and for people coming by bus from Massy-Palaiseau.

The following map and directions were compiled by Ulysse Gerard. An English translation is below.


Itinéraires habituels:

Les travaux battent leur plein sur le plateau en ce moment et le bâtiment n'est pas aussi facilement accessible qu'autrefois. Je joins un plan des deux principaux accès disponibles (via bus et RER). L'application CityMapper est également capable de donner des itinéraires jusqu'à Fresnel, les bus y étant renseignés.


Typical routes:

Because of construction work at new building sites, please study the map below to find a path through the work sites. The CityMapper application is also able to provide bus route information to the Fresnel stop.