Fall 2001, CSE 520: Syllabus

Instructor: Catuscia Palamidessi
Email: firstname@cse.psu.edu
Office: 325 Pond
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-11:00, and by appointment.
Phone: 863-3599

Teaching Assistant: Wensheng Zhang
Email: wezhang@cse.psu.edu
Office: 125 Hammond
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 10:00-11:30
Phone: 865-9191

Web page: http://www.cse.psu.edu/~catuscia/teaching/cg520/01Fall/

Schedule of lectures: TR, 1:00-2:15pm in 132 EE East

Midterm exam: 18 October 2001, 1:00-2:15pm in 132 EE East (in class)

Course Description: This course will focus on the Foundations of Sequential and Concurrent Programming Languages. In particular:

Assignments and grading: There will be 6 assignments during the course, a midterm exam (in class) and a research project. Final grades will be determined on the basis of the assignments, of the exam and of the project, as follows:

The assignments will be both theoretical and programming exercises. The languages recommended for the programming exercises are ML and Prolog (or Lambda Prolog, for those who know it).

Assignments are due at the end of class on the date specified. They will be accepted after that time until the end of the next class with a 20% penalty. No submission will be accepted after this time.

Academic Integrity: Although it is reasonable (and even encouraged!) to discuss with other students the problems of the assignments, each student is expected to submit only his own original work, or where applicable, to cite the source of the solution (books, articles, and other individuals).