Fall 2000, CSE 468: Mailing list

The mailing list of the course will be used regularly to send news about hws, exams, classes, etc. This list should contain all the Pond accounts for CSE 468, which are listed below.

Please make sure that you read email regularly on your Pond account. If you prefer to read your email on another account, please create a file with name ".forward" on the home directory of your Pond account, containing just the email address of your other account. In this way, all the email arriving to your Pond account will be automatically redirected to your other account.

Name                                      Login
Delauder, Richard W                       delauder
Disandro, D E                             disandro
Guy, Andrew R                             guy
Meyercheck, Sean M                        meyerche
Nakahara, Jay S                           jnakahar
Pilquist, Michael R                       pilquist
Shelly, Christopher                       shelly
Stambaugh, Kraig H                        stambaug
Sun, Daewon                               dsun
Valentine, Jason R                        jvalenti
Weirauch, Matthew T                       weirauch
Whiteman, Sharon L                        whiteman
Wozniak, Stanley C                        wozniak