Spring 99, CSE 428: About Midterm 1

Preparation for the midterm

You can find here a collection of exercises similar to those which will be assigned in the exam. For several of them the solution is provided. Additionally, the class of Tuesday 2/23 will be dedicated to exercises of preparation for the exam. Please send me questions/exercises that you would like to be addressed during this class. Requests will be served according to a FIFO discipline (i.e. the sooner you send your questions, the more chances you have to seen them solved in class), and trying to cover all the various topics.

Bonus for "no answer"

An ancient proverb says "If you know that you don't know, you are already a step ahead on the way to knowledge". Following this principle, the midterm offers a bonus for "no answer": If you don't know the solution to one question, you may choose to give "no answer" (by leaving blank the space for the solution). For each question to which you give no answer you will receive a bonus of 10% of the maximum score for that question.
If you start writing the answer, and later you wish you had left it blank, just draw a line over your answer and write the word "BLANK" in big letters.

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