Network of Expressiveness of Languages for Concurrency
(Human Capital and Mobility project)


One of the main research objectives of computer science is the development of formal methods for the design and implementation of programming languages. A most prominent feature of this research area is the proliferation of programming concepts which have been developed and studied: we mention programming paradigms such as imperative programming, logic programming, functional programming, concurrent programming, object-oriented programming, and dataflow, and the various combinations thereof. The formalization of the relation between a specification and its implementation has been a main focus of systematic research. However, the issue of the relative expressive power of the various programming concepts, an issue which is directly related to the implementation and use of programming languages, has hardly been addressed in a systematic manner.

The Express network aims at a general understanding of the interconnections and relations between formal systems, in our case ranging from programming languages for concurrency to related axiom systems or rewrite systems. More specifically, we aim at a systematic study and development of formal methods to compare programming concepts on the basis of their relative expressive power. Such methods will provide a tool to classify the variety of programming languages and will provide a formal basis of the design principles and implementation of programming languages. The research program itself will naturally serve as a general framework for the comparison of the formal methods for specification and verification developed within the various programming paradigms.

The Express Network is also offering Fellowships at doctoral and postdoctoral level to carry on research on topics related to the project. (See the general Express fellowships home page and the Express fellowships at DISI home page.)

See also the Swedish EXPRESS Page.





Start Date: January 1, 1994

Duration: 36 months + 12 months extension

Status: running