Some recipes for funghi porcini

"Funghi porcini" is the Italian for the boletus mushrooms. In french they are called "cèpes". They look like this. Porcini are sold fresh or dried. Only in some particular period of the year you can find them fresh. The ones from Toscany, Liguria, and the region of Bordeaux are particularly good.

The following are some recipes for fresh porcini.

First of all, you must cook the porcini immediately (if you put it in the refrigerator they lose taste; if you don't they will get bugs). Cut them in medium-size pieces (say, 3-5 cm long) and cook it for a 5-10 minutes in a pan, medium-low heat, with a bit of olive oil and minced garlic. You can cook a bit the garlic in the oil before putting the mushrooms to enhance the flavor of the garlic. Add salt to taste.

Once they are cooked, you can do various things with them. You can also freeze them and use some months later, they keep quite well.

My favourite receipts are rather simple:

Enjoy :-)