CSL2017: Final Call for Papers


26th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic CSL2017
August 20 -- 24, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European
Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). It is an interdisciplinary
conference, spanning across both basic and application oriented research
in mathematical logic and computer science and is intended for computer
scientists whose research involves logic, as well as for logicians working
on issues essential for computer science.

CSL2017 is the 26th EACSL annual conference. It will be co-organised by
Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and hosted by
Stockholm University. CSL2017 will be co-located with, and immediately
preceded by, the Logic Colloquium 2017 (LC2017). There will be a joint
session of CSL2017 and LC2017 in the morning of August 20, as well as
CSL-affiliated workshops during August 25-26.

Abstract submission for contributed papers: March 24, 2017
Paper submission: March 31, 2017
Notification: May 31, 2017
Abstract submission for short presentations: June 4, 2017
Notification on short presentations: June 14, 2017

TOPICS OF INTEREST for CSL2017 include (but are not limited to):
? automata and games, game semantics
? automated deduction and interactive theorem proving
? bounded arithmetic and propositional proof complexity
? categorical logic and topological semantics
? computational proof theory
? constructive mathematics and type theory
? decision procedures
? domain theory
? equational logic and rewriting
? finite model theory
? higher-order logic
? lambda calculus and combinatory logic
? linear logic and other substructural logics
? logic programming and constraints
? logical aspects of computational complexity
? logical aspects of quantum computing
? logic in database theory
? logical foundations of programming paradigms
? logical foundations of cryptography and information hiding
? logics for multi-agent systems
? modal and temporal logic
? model checking and logic-based verification
? nonmonotonic reasoning
? SAT solving and automated induction
? satisfiability modulo theories
? specification, extraction and transformation of programs
? verification and program analysis

CSL invited highlight speakers for the LC-CSL joint session on August 20:
Phokion Kolaitis, University of California Santa Cruz and IBM Research -Almaden
Wolfgang Thomas, RWTH Aachen

CSL plenary speakers:
Laura Kovács, Vienna University of Technology
Stephan Kreutzer, Technische Universität Berlin
Meena Mahajan, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
Margus Veanes, Microsoft Research

In addition to the plenary and contributed talks CSL2017, the conference will also include the following events:
? Joint session of CSL2017 and LC2017 in the morning of August 20, consisting of four plenary highlight talks, offered by speakers from both conferences.
? Presentation of the Alonzo Church award for Outstanding Contributions to Logic and Computation,
? Presentation of the EACSL Ackermann award for Outstanding Dissertation on Logic in Computer Science,
? CSL-affiliated workshops, to be held as CSL co-located events:
? Workshop on Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics LACompLing?17 (August 18-19)
? Workshop on Logical Aspects of Multi-Agent Systems LAMAS2017 (August 25)
? Workshop on Logic and Automata Theory (in memory of Zoltan Ezik) (August 25)

The CSL2017 conference proceedings will be published in Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs).

Authors are invited to submit contributed papers of no more than 15 pages in LIPIcs style (including references), presenting not previously
published work, fitting the scope of the conference. The LIPIcs style files and instructions for authors can be found here: https://www.dagstuhl.de/en/publications/lipics/instructions-for-authors

The submission of contributed papers will be in two stages:
* abstracts, due by March 24, 2017 (AoE);
* full papers, due by March 31, 2017 (AoE).

The submissions must be done via the EasyChair page for the conference:

Submitted papers must be in English and must provide sufficient detail to allow the Programme Committee to assess the merits of the paper. Full proofs may appear in a clearly marked technical appendix which will be read at the reviewers? discretion. Authors are strongly encouraged to include a well written introduction which is directed at all members of the PC.

Papers may not be submitted concurrently to another conference with refereed proceedings. The PC chairs should be informed of closely related work submitted to a conference or a journal. Papers authored or co-authored by members of the PC are not allowed.

In addition, there will be an opportunity for short oral presentations at the conference. Abstracts for such oral presentations must be submitted through the Easychair submission webpage, under the category ``short presentations?', by June 4, 2017. They will not be included in the proceedings.

? Parosh Aziz Abdulla (University of Uppsala),
? Lars Birkedal (University of Aarhus),
? Nikolaj Bjorner (Microsoft Research),
? Maria Paola Bonacina (Università degli Studi di Verona),
? Patricia Bouyer-Decitre (LSV, ENS Cachan),
? Agata Ciabattoni (University of Viena),
? Thierry Coquand (University of Gothenburg),
? Mads Dam (KTH, Stockholm), PC co-chair
? Ugo Dal Lago (University of Bologna),
? Anuj Dawar (Cambridge University),
? Valentin Goranko (Stockholm University), PC co-chair
? Maribel Fernandez (King's College London),
? Martin Grohe (RWTH Aachen),
? Lauri Hella (University of Tampere),
? Joost-Pieter Katoen (RWTH Aachen),
? Orna Kupferman (University of Jerusalem),
? Leonid Libkin (University of Edinburgh),
? Angelo Montanari (University of Udine),
? Catuscia Palamidessi (Paris, INRIA),
? Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
? Ram Ramanujam (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai),
? Jean-Francois Raskin (University of Bruxelles),
? Thomas Schwentick (TU Dortmund University),
? Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans (University of Koblenz-Landau),
? Thomas Streicher (University of Darmstadt),
? Jean-Marc Talbot (University of Aix-Marseille),
? Luca Viganò (King's College London),
? Ron van der Meyden (UNSW Australia),
? Lijun Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing).

? Mads Dam (OC co-chair), Department of Theoretical Computer Science, KTH
? Valentin Goranko (OC co-chair), Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
? Dilian Gurov (Workshops chair), Department of Theoretical Computer Science, KTH
? Roussanka Loukanova, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
? Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
? Anders Lundstedt, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
? Erik Palmgren (OC co-chair), Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
? Henning Strandin, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University

With enquiries on organising matters, send email to: csl2017<at>philosophy.su.se
With enquiries on scientific and programme issues, send email to: csl2017<at>easychair.org