The Online Algorithmic Complexity Calculator

(From Hector Zenil)

The Online Algorithmic Complexity Calculator

The Online Algorithmic Complexity Calculator (OACC) is devoted to provide estimations of algorithmic complexity (a.k.a. Kolmogorov-Chaitin complexity) (or K) based upon Algorithmic Probability, and for estimations of Bennett's Logical Depth (or LD). The OACC uses a method, compatible with--but beyond the scope of--lossless compression algorithms widely used to estimate K. Implementations of lossless compression are, however, entirely based on Shannon entropy (e.g. LZ, LZW, DEFLATE, etc) and thus cannot usually capture algorithmic content beyond statistical patterns (mostly repetitions).
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A video showing the way in which the AOCC main method works:

And a paper recently featured in several media, with calculations based upon the calculator to quantify aspects of cognitive abilities:

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