REMINDER: ACiE Important Notification and Dates

To all Association CiE Members:

First of all, we wish to inform you of an important change concerning the Association. As of 07 April 2017 the Association CiE is officially registered as a non-profit scientific organisation and it has its own Bank Account. This will simplify administrative and financial matters of great importance to the Association. Among others, the Association will now be able to control its own financial flow and also accept donations.

This year the Conference Computability in Europe will take place in Turku, Finland, June 12-16:

Important dates related to this event are:

(1) The AGM will take place on Thursday 15, 17:15-19:00. Any member of ACiE may propose a motion for discussion at the AGM.

The deadline for motions for the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting is Thursday 18th of May, 2017. Motions for the agenda of the meeting must be sent to the Secretary General

Giuseppe Primiero

(2) During the Annual General Meeting, the elections of new members of the CiE Council will take place. Any member of the Association CiE can be nominated for election to the Council. This year we will elect up to 6 members of the CiE Council, and nominations are encouraged from members.

Nominations to the Association CiE Council should preferably be sent to the Secretary General by Thursday 18th of May, 2017. As by our Constitution, nominations will still be accepted until 24 hours before the AGM or can be be made in person at the meeting. Written consent is required for members who are not physically present during the Annual General Meeting.

For current Council membership see:

Looking forward to seeing you all in Turku, Best wishes

For the Association CiE

Paola Bonizzoni (President)

Giuseppe Primiero (Secretary General)