Physics and Computation

September 7-11th 2009
Ponta-Delgada, Azores, Portugal

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De : "Kohtaro Tadaki" <> Date : 31 juillet 2009 11:33:18 HAEC À : "Gilles Dowek" <> Cc : "Kohtaro Tadaki" <> Objet : Rép : Title of your talk Yes, I am very happy to send it to you by the end of October. Thank you very much.

De : Jiri Wiedermann <> Date : 29 juillet 2009 11:55:48 HAEC À : Gilles Dowek <>, Olivier Bournez <> Objet : Rép : Title of your talk Répondre à :

Dear Gilles and Olivier,

Attached find please the abstract of my talk. As far as a contribution to the post-proceedings is concerned presently I do not have any suitable stuff for it since some related papers are already in print and the new ideas that will be presented in my talk are not yet available in a written form.

Best regards,

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