Physics and Computation

September 7-11th 2009
Ponta-Delgada, Azores, Portugal

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Talk from Jozef Gruska

Faculty of informatics
Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republik


Physics and informatics as two windows to see/explore the world(s)


In the first part of the talk a new perception of informatics, much nature information processing motivated, is introduced and analysed. This new perception see informatics as also bringing a new, third, fundamental methodology for science and society.

In the second part of the talk physics and (new) informatics are analysed and demonstrated, in several ways, as two windows to explore the world.

In the last part of the talk a new, informatics-based, methodology is discussed in more details, especially the existing and potential impacts of this methodology to physics and informatics itself. This new methodology may be also a way to (start to) deal with some of the key problems of the current science in a new way.

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