LIX Colloquium
Reachability Problems'09

September 23rd-25th 2009

Ecole Polytechnique, France

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Denfert Rochereau (or any other RER B station) to RER

Buy tickets at ATM (by 10 it's much cheaper)... ...because counter is often closed! (Here, Denfert-Rocheau)
RER B Denfert-Rochereau platform It is better to ride at the train back outdoor
check at the display that the train stops at Massy-Palaiseau (this one is not) ... or Lozere (Ecole Polytechnique) if you want to climb the hill (this one does both)
TV displays indicate trains bound for Massy-Palaiseau and Saint-Remy (Ecole Polytechnique)

Recommended Option 1: Get Off at Massy Palaiseau

Get Off at Massy Palaiseau. Walk back (hence not towards this building)...

... in order to climb these stairs instead...

Once on top of the stairs, go right and then down.

91-06 Bus stop is then in front of you, parallel to the RER B railway.

...You need to use another ticket (All 91.06 buses always stop at Ecole Polytechnique). A ticket like this is ok for the bus.

Once in the campus of Ecole Polytechnique

get off at 91.06 bus stop called "Lozere". Then follow "Autres directions"/"Toutes Directions", and then "Amphithéatres".

Option 2: Get Off from RER B at Lozère

Get Off at Lozere. Follow directions "Ecole Polytechnique".

... You will reach this path.

And start to climb "Chemin des Vignes"..

... climb ...

Turn left...

.. and climb...

On top is ecole Polytechnique. Then follows "Autres Directions/Toutes directions" and then "Amphithéatres".

Some images (c) Frank Nielsen, November 2008. Others (c) Olivier Bournez, September 2009.

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