My PhD Thesis (defended at Ecole Polytechnique on October, 6th 2014)

Reviewed Conference/Workshop Papers

ICE 2016: A Modular Formalization of Reversibility for Concurrent Models and Languages (in proceedings)

CSL 2011: Filter models: non-idempotent intersection types, orthogonality and polymorphism (in proceedings)

FOSSACS 2011: Complexity of strongly normalising lambda-terms via non-idempotent intersection types (in proceedings)

Journal Paper

Non-idempotent intersection types and strong normalisation Logical Methods in Computer Science Vol. 9(4:3)2013, pp. 1–46 (subsumes FOSSACS 2011 and CSL 2011 papers, in proceedings)

Technical Reports

A big-step operational semantics via non-idempotent intersection types

Strong normalisation in a calculus with constructors and fixpoints via non-idempotent intersection types

A simple presentation of the Effective Topos

Internship Reports

M2 Internship Report with Stéphane Lengrand (2010): Strong normalising terms and non-idempotent intersection types

M1 Internship Report with Thierry Coquand (2009): Fixpoints and strong normalisation

L3 Internship Report with David Monniaux (2008): Résolution d'un système d'inégalités polynomiales en utilisant le Positivstellensatz et la programmation semi-définie