• Our new paper on how to use Graph Kernels and Convolutional Neural Networks for graph classification is on arXiv!
  • Check out my new image annotation interface, written in pure R!
  • Check out my new paper on how to perform graph classification with 2D Convolutional Neural Networks! (code here)
  • Long paper accepted at EMNLP 2017's New Frontiers in Summarization workshop!
  • Check out my notes on Deep Learning for NLP! (code here)
  • GoWvis now also works for French and Spanish (with automatic language detection)!
  • I presented GoWvis at France IA!
  • My Wiley's Risk Analysis paper on how to use Kernel Density Estimators, Copulas and bootstrapping for risk modeling and simulation is now available online! (full text here)


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I am a postdoc in the Data Science and Mining team (DaSciM) of Prof. Michalis Vazirgiannis. The group is part of the Computer Science Laboratory (LIX) of École Polytechnique, in Palaiseau, France.

My research interests overspan all aspects of Artificial Intelligence, applied Machine Learning and statistical modeling, and how cutting-edge tools from these fields can be applied to real data to solve concrete problems. Lately, I have focused primarily on how using graph structures and graph theory can improve performance for various NLP tasks, such as keyword(phrase) extraction, extractive/abstractive summarization, and text categorization. I am also investigating how several graph tasks, such as classification and node embedding, can be tackled with Deep Learning models.

I received my PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Spring of 2015, under the supervision of Prof. Matthew R. Hallowell (primary advisor) and Prof. Balaji Rajagopalan. I applied NLP, predictive modeling and probability theory to raw textual injury reports in order to better understand and forecast construction injuries. My work was funded by the NSF and major American construction companies. Before that, I obtained a MS in Construction Engineering & Management (CU Boulder 2013) and a MS in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (ESTP Paris 2011).

I served as a reviewer for CIKM 2016, WSDM 2017 and AAAI 2017.

Here is my CV. You can contact me at


I have been very fortunate and learned a lot from collaborating with the great persons listed below (in chronological order). Thanks to all of them!

Matt Hallowell (CU Boulder), Alex Albert (NC State), Leaf Van Boven (CU Boulder), Balaji Rajagopalan (CU Boulder), Michalis Vazirgiannis (École Polytechnique), Konstantinos Skianis (École Polytechnique), Fragkiskos D. Malliaros (UC San Diego), Polykarpos Meladianos (AUEB), and Giannis Nikolentzos (AUEB).