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Marie Albenque

Office 2029
Laboratoire d'Informatique (LIX)
Bâtiment Alan Turing
École polytechnique
91120 Palaiseau -- France

Email: albenque [at]
Phone : +33 (0)1 77 57 80 20

Permanent member of CNRS in the laboratory of computer science (LIX) of École Polytechnique. Proud member (and head) of the team Combinatorial modelisation.

My topics of interest are mainly enumerative and bijective combinatorics and the probabilistic analysis of discrete structures.

I am the PI of the ANR JCJC Project ``IsoMa''funded by the ANR, 2022 -- 2026.
I am the local PI of the project RISE Randnet, 2021 -- 2026.

Academic activities.


Academic activities


Organization of events

I organized or co-organized the following events:


Here is a list of the recent research projects, in which I am or I was involved:




  • I defended my habilitation on December, 16th 2020. The manuscript is available here. The slides of the defense are available here.

  • I defended my PhD thesis entitled "Braids, animals, planar maps : interactions between combinatorics and probability" on December, 3rd 2008. My advisors were Jean-François Marckert and Jean Mairesse.
    The full text is available (in french) here and the slides (also in french) there.
  • Slides and talks

    Here is a selection of the slides of some talks I gave, some are in english other are in french.

    Some pieces of teaching

    Here are some (sometimes outdated) documents I wrote to teach, use at your own risk !.

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