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We thank all the speakers and committee members for making the CTW09 such an interesting and successful event!. You can download the final version of the proceedings.

See the announcement for the CTW09 Discrete Applied Mathematics special issue on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization. The deadline for submission is set to 30th september 2009. We invite full-paper versions of talks presented at the conference, as well as papers about related topics. The issue follows standard DAM refereeing procedure.

The Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization 2009 welcomes contributions on theory and applications of discrete algorithms, graphs and combinatorial optimization in the wide sense.

The series of Cologne Twente Workshops on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization started with meetings organized every two years by the universities of Cologne and Twente. The organizational base was later expanded by other universities. Since 2003 the workshop is held every year.

The CT workhops are especially intended to let doctoral students and young researchers present the results of their research activities in an a friendly and highly interactive atmosphere. The number of parallel sessions is limited to two and each talk is allotted half an hour.

As is customary for CTW, the workshop will be held over three days (June 2-4). The workshop will start at 8:30AM on June 2nd (the registration desk will be open from 8:00AM), and end at 6:00PM on June 4th.

For more information about the schedule of the workshop, go to the program page.

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