Corner Points Computation

This tool computes the set of corner points of the probability of error for a given channel. Using the corner points the script can compute 3 things: The tool can be run from both the command line and a simple GUI.

Using the GUI

To launch the GUI type
The GUI requires the Perl/TK library to be installed in the system. On debian/ubuntu systems this can be done by
  sudo apt-get install perl-tk
The GUI allows to enter the channel matrix, select the quantity to compute and check whether to use multiple processors or not (use this option in systems with multiple processors or multiple cores for better performance). Pressing the OK button starts the computation and displays the results.

Using the command line

To use the command line version type
  perl [--maximize=ratio-sv|ratio-hr|prob-error] [--fork]
     Selects what quantity to maximize (see above)

     Can be used in systems with multiple processors (or cores). It splits the
     computation into processors to increase performance.
The script doesn't have any input, the matrix should be given by modifying the $matrix variable in the beginning of the script. Note that the complexity of the algorithm is exponential so the matrix has to be small!

More info

More information about the algorithm can be found in the following papers: TODO