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REPAS (Reliable and Privacy-Aware Software Systems) is an ANR-funded project  which addresses the probabilistic aspects of modern software systems. 

The need to consider probabilities raises for various reasons: On one hand, due to the distributed nature of these systems, computation and communication involve factors that are unpredictable or too complicated to analyze deterministically. On the other hand, in an adversarial environment, i.e., in presence of possible attacks to the security of the system, the leakage of information depends on the probabilistic knowledge of the adversary, and it is best formalized in terms of probabilistic correlation between secret and public information.

We investigate quantitative notions and tools for proving program correctness and protecting privacy. In particular, we focus on bisimulation metrics, which are the natural extension of bisimulation on quantitative systems. As a key application, we plan to develop tools for measuring information leakage and mechanisms to protect the privacy of users when their location traces are collected.

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