LIX Bioinformatics Colloquium 2010

Ecole Polytechnique

November 8-10, 2010

Accepted posters
  • Galina Boldina, Chiara Pascali and Martin Teichmann
    Genome-wide determination of DNA-sequences bound by isoforms of human RNA polymerase III (Pol IIIa and Pol IIIß)
    Presented by: Galina Boldina - Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie
  • T. Bourquard A.Ghoorah J.Azé A.Poupon D.Ritchie
    Can Voronoi fingerprints re-score and improve rigid body Hex docking predictions?
    Presented by: thomas bourquard - INRIA
  • Pablo Carbonell, Davide Fichera, Jean-Loup Faulon
    Predicting heterologous compound-forming reaction pathways through retrosynthesis hypergraphs
    Presented by: Pablo Carbonell - University of Evry / Genopole
  • M. Chavent, A. Vanel, A. Tek, B. Levy, B. Raffin, M. Baaden
    A rendering Method for small molecules up to macromolecular systems: hyperballs accelerated by graphics processors
    Presented by: Matthieu Chavent - CEA
  • Ghoorah A W, Devignes M-D, Smaïl-Tabbone M and Ritchie D W
    Identifying interaction sites in protein families for knowledge-based protein docking
    Presented by: Anisah Ghoorah - INRIA Nancy
  • E. Laine, I. C. de Beauchêne, C. Auclair, J.-F. Mouscadet, L. Tchertanov
    Propagation of point mutation effect throughout tyrosine kinase c-Kit structure, probed by molecular dynamics structure
    Presented by: Elodie Laine - LBPA, CNRS-ENS de Cachan
  • Alexis Lamiable, Dominique Barth, Alain Denise, Franck Quessette and Sandrine Vial
    3D RNA Structure prediction: an algorithmic game-theory approach
    Presented by: Alexis Lamiable - PRiSM, UVSQ & LRI, Orsay
  • Feng Lou and Peter Clote
    Parametric maximum expected accurate RNA structure
    Presented by: Feng Lou - LRI/INRIA AMIB
  • Balaji Raman, Cecile Heyvaert, Jean-Marc Steyaert, Peter Clote
    RiboPythia - Discovering Riboswitches and Secondary Structure Prediction
    Presented by: Balaji Raman - LIX, Ecole Polytechnique; AMIB, INRIA
  • Cédric Saule, Mireille Régnier, Jean-Marc Steyaert, Alain Denise
    Counting RNA pseudoknotted structures
    Presented by: Cedric Saule - LRI/INRIA AMIB
  • Mireille Regnier and Saad Sheikh
    Clump properties in ROG-LOG graphs
    Presented by: Saad Sheikh - LIX-AMIB, Ecole Polytechnique
  • Khemili S., Hamadouche T. et Gilis D.
    Homology modeling study of 3D structure of families 5 and 21 house dust mite allergens
    Presented by: KHEMILI Souad - Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Olivier Stahl
    Djeen : a high throughput multi-technological Research Information Management System for the Joomla! CMS
    Presented by: Olivier Stahl - INSERM U891
  • Stephan Vagner
    Large-Scale Integration of microRNA and mRNA Expression Data for Identification of Prognostic Markers and Biological Networks in Cancer
    Presented by: Stephan Vagner - INSERM U981 - IGR
  • Philippe Youkharibache, Korbinian Grote, Martin Seifert.
    Automated ChIP-Seq analysis for high throughput sequencing
    Presented by: Philippe Youkharibache - Genomatix
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