LIX Bioinformatics Colloquium 2010

Ecole Polytechnique

November 8-10, 2010

Registration Closed!

Online registration is closed since the number of registered participants now matches the conference room's capacity. Consequently registration is no longer possible for regular participants.

Please contact the organizers at Please enable javascript to display this email for more information, or if you wish to raise exceptional circumstances.

Registration for speakers and members of the AMIB team is still possible through the dedicated pages previously indicated to them by email (Contact us if you cannot find this information).

We remind previously registered participants that a participative fee is required for the conference dinner. The participation fee of 30 Euros should be paid by cheque to ADRIX, sent by mail to:

Evelyne Rayssac, LIX, Ecole Polytechnique 91128 Palaiseau Cedex France

or by check/cash upon on-site registration.

X GDR Bioinformatique Moléculaire CNRS INRIA