LIX Bioinformatics Colloquium 2010

Ecole Polytechnique

November 8-10, 2010

Guesthouse: Staying at Ecole Polytechnique
Getting there

First, you need to get to the Ecole Polytechnique. Walking uphill from the Lozère RER B station, you will arrive from mark (12) on the map below. If you choose the 91.06 bus from Massy-Palaiseau (during day time only, see the timetable), it is best to leave at the Polytechnique-Lozere stop located at mark (B). The guesthouse (8) is then located close to the Hall d'honneur (Grand Hall) which should be indicated fairly frequently around the campus.

Crucial points:

  • The key to your room is obtained at the desk, open between 10 and 16:15 Monday to Friday. If you arrive during the week-end or after hours, your key will be left at the salle de permanence, located at mark (20) on the map. Do not get scared by the firemen there (Phone#: +, they are friendly and willing to help lost foreigners... (We like to think of it as one of the charming peculiarities of the Ecole Polytechnique...)
  • Payments to the hotel (30€/night) are made directly by the tenants (and reimbursed later if applicable). You must contact the person in charge (Mme Claudine Gaudet, email: claudine dot gaudet at polytechnique dot edu, phone: +33 (0) 1 69 33 27 30) in the morning between 8:30-11:30 to pay. Cash and checks are accepted but not credit/debit cards. A bank is located in the grand hall at mark (16) and features an ATM, allowing for cash withdrawal.

Eating at Ecole Polytechnique

The restaurant of the Ecole Polytechnique (aka Le Magnan) is accessible to the participant at the following hours.


Opening hours of the Restaurant (aka Le Magnan)

In order to eat at the restaurant you have to buy meal tickets (10€/meal) at the cashier, open between 11:30-14:00 on weekdays. Be aware that cash will not be accepted at the counters.

You will also find a cafe located on an elevated platform in the grand hall, delivering sandwiches and cold/hot beverages during working hours.

After hours there are vending machines in the grand hall (16) behind the post-office, working around the clock where drinks, sandwiches and sweets can be bought.

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