Wendlasida OUEDRAOGO


PhD Student

Paris, France



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Technical skills

Programming languages

C++ C Java Java Android Java J2EE MatLab Python PHP JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Angular NodeJS PL/SQL OCaml Coq Prolog SPARQL

Programming libraries and tools

Open Multi-Processing (C/C++) Open MPI (C/C++) Cuda (C/C++) CPlex (C/C++) OpenCV (python) Tkinter (python) Tensorflow (python) Flask (python) Scikit-Learn (python) Hibernate JavaScript OCamllex OCamlyacc Menhir




B2 Level

Soft skills

Quick documentation reading Writing reports Presenting technical concepts and tools Retro-engineering Facilitating meetings

About me

I am a PhD student at Institut Polytechnique de Paris under industrial research agreements with Siemens Mobility SAS and Inria Saclay - Île-de-France in Partout team.

PhD subjet : source code optimization for safety-critical software.

Keywords: formal methods compilers source code optimization ADA Coq OCaml

PhD subject abstract
Jan 2020 - Dec 2022

A system is said to be safety critical when its use involves risk that could lead to severe consequences. Those kinds of systems are designed to avoid or handle hazardous events (unsafe states or conditions that can result in a mishap) and their developers have to provide guarantees showing their safety. For these reasons, engineers develop or/and use various techniques during the conception and the run-time of those programs. Those techniques usually imply error detection systems, material and functional redundancies and development restrictions that lead to time performance issues and forbids the use of various optimization techniques.
Techniques to overcome the antagonism between safety guarantees and execution time performance can be different from a system to another. During my thesis, I have to study the implementation of some components of the driver-less system used in Paris subway line 14 and the optimization methods that can be used to increase their time performances without compromising on their safety.
To achieve this goal, we started by studying the implementation of the system and decided to explore the impact source code optimization techniques.

May 2021 Coqlex © demo paper : an approach to generate verified lexers

Work Experience

Teaching assistant / DIX - Ecole Polytechnique
Mar 2021 - Current

Teaching assistant for following courses

  • INF442 : Algorithmes pour l'analyse de données en C++
  • INF361 : Introduction à l informatique (Java)

Research engineer / Siemens Mobility
Jan 2020 - Current

My PhD is under industrial research agreements with Siemens Mobility.

Intern in R&D engineering / Orange
Apr 2019 - Sep 2019

I worked on various project as a software engineer for

  • Livebox assistant: an android app that aims to help customers to install their TV box.

    Keywords : image annotation machine learning deployment in an android app video tracking Real time recognition Python Java

  • a Chatbot : Natural Language Processor to classify the intention of users and answer their worries

    Keywords : NLP Python Java

  • Semi-automatic annotator : a software that uses video tracking to generate annotations compatible with labelImg.

Research intership / Polytechnique Montréal
May 2018 - Aug 2018

During 12 weeks, I joined Globalink Research Internship program and contributed on trafficintelligence, a software that provides a set of tools developed by Nicolas Saunier and his collaborators for transportation data processing, in particular road traffic, motorized and non-motorized. The project consists in particular in tools for the most typical transportation data type, trajectories, i.e. temporal series of positions.

Tutoring assistant / Université Sorbone Paris Nord
Jan 2017 - May 2019

I helped first year student for mathematics and C programming.


Sup-Galilée / Université Sorbone Paris Nord
2016 - 2019

Engineering Diploma (Computer Science) with honours

Institut Galilée / Université Sorbone Paris Nord
2014 - 2016

The Diplôme d'Etudes Universitaires Générales (DEUG) with honours