Higher-Dimensional Rewriting and Applications
(HDRA 2016)

Second edition of the workshop on Higher-Dimensional Rewriting and Applications
25-26 June 2016, Porto, Portugal
Co-located with the FSCD conference

Over recent years, rewriting methods have been generalized from strings and terms to richer algebraic structures such as operads, monoidal categories, and more generally higher-dimensional categories. These extensions of rewriting fit in the general scope of higher-dimensional rewriting theory, which has emerged as a unifying algebraic framework. This approach allows one to perform homotopical and homological analysis of rewriting systems (Squier theory). It also provides new computational methods in the study of coherence of higher-dimensional algebraic structures, in combinatorial algebra (Artin-Tits monoids, Coxeter and Garside structures), in homotopical and homological algebra (construction of cofibrant replacements, Koszulness property). The workshop is open to all topics concerning higher-dimensional generalizations and applications of rewriting theory, including

  • higher-dimensional rewriting: polygraphs / computads, higher-dimensional generalizations of string/term/graph rewriting systems, etc.

  • homotopical invariants of rewriting systems: homotopical and homological finiteness properties, Squier theory, algebraic Morse theory, coherence results in algebra and higher-dimensional category theory, etc.

  • linear rewriting: presentations and resolutions of algebras and operads, Gröbner bases and generalizations, homotopy and homology of algebras and operads, Koszul duality theory, etc.

  • applications of higher-dimensional and linear rewriting and their interactions with other fields: calculi for quantum computations, algebraic lambda-calculi, proof nets, topological models for concurrency, homotopy type theory, combinatorial group theory, etc.

  • implementations: the workshop will also be interested in implementation issues in higher-dimensional rewriting and will allow demonstrations of prototypes of existing and new tools in higher-dimensional rewriting.

Invited speakers

  • Michael Batanin (to be confirmed)
  • Joachim Kock
  • Pawel Sobocinski


Important dates

  • Submission: 15 April, 2016
  • Notification: 11 May, 2016
  • Final version: 27 May, 2016
  • Conference: 25-26 June, 2016


Submissions should consist in an extended abstract, in pdf format, approximatively 6 pages long, in standard article format. The page for uploading those is


The accepted extended abstracts will be made available electronically before the workshop.

Program committee

  • Vladimir Dotsenko (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Yves Guiraud (INRIA / Université Paris 7)
  • Jean-Pierre Jouannaud (École Polytechnique)
  • Philippe Malbos (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
  • Paul-André Melliès (Université Paris 7)
  • Samuel Mimram (École Polytechnique)
  • Tim Porter (University of Wales, Bangor)
  • Femke van Raamsdonk (VU University, Amsterdam)


  • Yves Guiraud (INRIA / Université Paris 7)
  • Philippe Malbos (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
  • Samuel Mimram (École Polytechnique)