Homotopy in Concurrency and Rewriting

June 9-11, 2015

A conference will take place in École Polytechnique (in Palaiseau, near Paris, France) about tools and methods which originate from geometry in concurrency and rewriting. Details can be found on the dedicated webpage.


The conference on directed algebraic topology, concurrency and rewriting aims at bringing together researchers interested in applying methods originating in topology and in higher-dimensional rewriting. It is motivated by the discovery, over the recent years, of many connections between the study of concurrent processes from a topological point of view and rewriting methods and structures. It will be interested in applications of those fields to problems commonly encountered in computer science, in the study of concurrent and distributed processes, in semantics of programming languages, but also to more theoretical questions arising from the study of structures found in algebraic topology such as operads and higher-dimensional categories.


The program is still preliminary, and should be updated regularly on the webpage.

Tuesday June 9

  • Sanjeevi Krishnan
  • Steve Oudot
  • Carlos Simpson
  • Teimuraz Pirashvili

Wednesday June 10

  • Vladimir Dotsenko
  • Timothy Porter
  • Emily Burgunder
  • Richard Steiner
  • Marcelo Fiore

Thursday June 11

  • Jérémy Dubut
  • Dimitri Ara
  • Viktoriya Ozornova
  • Albert Burroni

Friday June 12

On Friday will take place the meeting of the ANR project CATHRE on thematics closely related to those of the conference. All participants are welcome to attend to the presentations.


The registration is free, but all participants are required to register for practical purposes using the form.


In case of any practical matter, feel free to contact any of the organizers:

  • Samuel Mimram (École Polytechnique)
  • Yves Guiraud (INRIA / Université Paris 7)
  • Philippe Malbos (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)