Seminar: Ethics, Law & New applications of AI

  • From October to February, 8 sessions 1st period, 8 sessions 2nd period (as for a regular courses, since this is a MIE module)
  • Batiment Alan Turing (Salle Gilles Kahn) - Grace Hopper October 23
  • Every Tuesday from 14:00 to 15:30 : One hour of talk, up to 30mn of questions/answers
  • The participation of all students is mandatory (MIE course).
  • Evaluation of this module: “For each seminar, describe the insight from the speaker you liked the most and explain why” (a short paragraph)

The seminar will be open to members of the LIX, CMAP, Inria, DataIA, and industrial partners.

  • September 25 - Introduction & Presentation of the “Cases studies”, Marie-Paule Cani & Erwan Scornet
  • October 2 - Toward Responsible and Safe AI, Nozha Boujemaa, Dr Inria, director of the DataIA institute (Data Sciences, Intelligence & Society)
  • October 16 - From artificial intelligence to computational ethics, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Sorbonne University, Lip6, Chairman of the COMETS (CNRS Ethical Committee)
  • October 23 - Facial recognition: from early methods to deep learning, Stéphane Gentrix, Research unit manager, IDEMIA
  • November 13 - Google's AI principles, Ludovic Peran, Google Paris.
  • November 20 - Unsupervised Learning on Homogeneous Manifolds, Lie groups and Structured Matrices based on Information Geometry and Souriau Lie Group Thermodynamics, Frederic Barbaresco, THALES
  • November 27 - Law and ethics of autonomous robots, Nathalie NEVEJANS, Lecturer in Law, University of Artois (France)
  • December 4 - Algorithmic fairness, Nicolas Usunier, Facebook.
  • January 8 - AI@Inria (Research in Artificial Intelligence at Inria). Bertrand Braunschweig, Inria, director of Inria Saclay research center
  • January 15 - Use of personal data and ethics: Vision & challenges from the industry, Sarah Lannes, Research engineer, IDEMIA
  • January 22 - From data protection to data empowerment : how can humans keep the upper hand? Geoffrey DELCROIX, Direction des technologies et de l’innovation, CNIL
  • January 29 - Fighting blindness with bionic eyes, Vincent Bismuth, Pixium Vision.
  • February 12 - Kernel methods for genetics - Jean-Philippe Vert, Google Paris.
  • February 19 - Is ethics computable? - Milad Doueihi, philosophe spécialiste du numérique, Université Paris-Sorbonne
  • March 5 - Learning Prosthetics Design : Function, Shape, Style - François Faure, Anatoscope
  • March 12 - Gender issues in AI, chatbots & robots - Laurence Devillers, LIMSI & Paris-Sorbonne University

Link to the detailed (public) program here