ECPP Version 5.6.1

The Data part

For convenience (that is smaller files are easier to get than larger ones), the data part has been divided into five parts.

You need all of them!

Here they are:

To give an example, on your machine toto, once you have ftp-ed the file ecppweber1.tar.gz, you have to type:
toto% gzip -d ecppweber1.tar.gz
toto% tar xvf ecppweber1.tar
Last modification of the data files on 07/10/97 for bug corrections (missing files in the distribution).

The binaries part

Now, to get the binaries, select one of:

Important remarks: all the binaries are for Un*x-like operating systems. As time goes by, more binaries will flow in, depending on my taking time to do so.


This benchmark consists in proving the primality of the 222 decimal digit cofactor of 2, 1958M = 2^979+2^490+1.
This number is taken from the tables of the Cunningham Project ("Factorizations of b**n+/-1 up to high powers" by John Brillhart, D. H. Lehmer, J. L. Selfridge, Bryant Tuckerman and S. S. Wagstaff, Jr., vol 22 of AMS Contemporary Mathematics series), which are regularily updated. It is the first non trivial number whose primality I proved in 1987.