Papers in 2005

[1] David Baelde. Logique linéaire et algèbre de processus. Technical report, INRIA Futurs, LIX and ENS, 2005. [ bib | .ps ]
[2] Dale Miller and Alexis Saurin. A game semantics for proof search: Preliminary results. In Dan Ghica and Guy McCusker, editors, GaLoP 2005: Games for Logic and Programming Languages, 2005. [ bib ]
[3] Dale Miller and Alwen Tiu. A proof theory for generic judgments. ACM Trans. on Computational Logic, 6(4):749--783, October 2005. [ bib | DOI | .pdf ]
[4] Elaine Pimentel and Dale Miller. On the specification of sequent systems. In LPAR 2005: 12th International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, number 3835 in LNAI, pages 352--366, 2005. [ bib | .pdf ]
[5] Alexis Saurin. Separation with streams in the λμ-calculus. In 20th Symp. on Logic in Computer Science, pages 356--365. IEEE Computer Society, 2005. [ bib ]
[6] Alwen Tiu and Dale Miller. A proof search specification of the π-calculus. In 3rd Workshop on the Foundations of Global Ubiquitous Computing, volume 138 of ENTCS, pages 79--101, 2005. [ bib | DOI | .pdf ]
[7] Alwen Tiu, Gopalan Nadathur, and Dale Miller. Mixing finite success and finite failure in an automated prover. In Empirically Successful Automated Reasoning in Higher-Order Logics (ESHOL'05), pages 79--98, December 2005. [ bib | .pdf ]
[8] Axelle Ziegler, Dale Miller, and Catuscia Palamidessi. A congruence format for name-passing calculi. In Structural Operational Semantics (SOS'05), ENTCS, pages 169--189, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2005. Elsevier Science B.V. [ bib | .pdf ]

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