22 May 2007

This directory contains the orginal submissions to CSL 2007 along with
the reviews from the program committee (when I get them).  The purpose
of this directory to allow sharing of these reviews.  I'll eventually
delete this files.

 submission_6.pdf   reviews_6.txt
   Least and greatest fixed points in linear logic
   by David Baelde and Dale Miller

 submission_14.pdf  reviews_14.txt
   Focusing and Polarization in Intuitionistic Logic
   by Chuck Liang and Dale Miller

 submission_80.pdf   reviews_80.txt
   Incorporating tables into proofs
   by Dale Miller and Vivek Nigam

 submission_100.pdf   reviews_100.txt
   From proofs to focused proofs: a modular proof of focalization in
   Linear Logic
   by Dale Miller and Alexis Saurin