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Terzo is an interpreter of lambda Prolog implemented in Standard ML of NJ. This system was developed and maintained by Philip Wickline. There is no current plans to maintain it at this point. Terzo can still be downloaded from is and as a compressed tarball terzo-src-1.2b.tar.gz.

The most recent version is 1.2b. It was released on 11 Jan 99 and the source code is available as a gunzip'ed tar file as are binaries for x86-win32 and alpha osf/1. However, the source distribution should compile without any difficulty under SML/nj 110.x on any architecture/OS for which SML/nj is available.

Previous version of this implementation are available from

This interpreter is the third in a sequence of lambda Prolog interpreters written and maintained by people from Bell Labs, Carnegie-Mellon, Duke University, and the University of Pennsylvania. A list of other implemenetations are also available. Terzo was the result of moving ELP to Standard ML. That reimplementation effort was started by by Frank Pfenning and Conal Eliott at Carnegie Mellon University, continued by Amy Felty at Bell Labs, and was restructured extensively by Philip Wickline, working with Dale Miller during 1995-96 academic year.

The following files contain some simple documentation specific to operating Terzo.

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