Documentation for λProlog

Dale Miller and Gopalan Nadathur are planning to finish in 2011 a book titled Programming with Higher-order Logic. See the current table of contents. While this book is not a manual for λProlog, it does describe the design and applications of λProlog.

There is are many papers published about the theory, implementation, design, and applications of λProlog. Two collections of such papers can be found in Miller's publication list and at Nadathur's publication list.

John Hannan has written a tutorial on Program Analysis in λProlog at the 1998 PLILP Conference.

Amy Felty has written a tutorial on λProlog and its Applications to Theorem Proving (1997).

Olivier Ridoux has written Lambda-Prolog de A à Z... ou presque (163 pages, French). Available as PostScript, PDF, and HTML).