Spring 1995 Semester
Venue: Tue, Thu 12:00-1:30, Moore 224

Instructor: Dale Miller

lectures / homeworks / modules
*** The following course description is a small part of the final class. Only those parts particularly related to lambda Prolog are included here. ***
Course Description: This course should prove useful to anyone interested in computational uses of logic, especially those interested in Cognitive Science and Programming Languages. Logic programming will be taught and used in class to solve problems in cogitive science, AI, and programming languages.
Prerequisites: CSE 120 and some sophistication with proofs by induction (CSE 260 or Phil 5/6)

Textbook: "lambda Prolog: An Introduction to the Language and its Logic" (current draft) by Dale Miller. Additional course notes will also be used.

Grading: A combination of homework assignments, in-class exams, and (possibly) a final will be used to determine grades. It is expected that all homework is the work of individuals working independently.

Course Outline