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I am a senior researcher at INRIA, currently on leave at Ecole Polytechnique. As such:
  • I am head of the Informatics Department of Polytechnique; which means I am the main person in charge for teaching of Computer Science.
  • Until december, I am leading the Typical team, located at the LIX laboratory of the (directions).

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My research interests lie in the formalization of mathematical reasoning and its mechanical verification through proof systems, especially Coq. I am particularly interested by proofs involving computations and evolutions of type theory making this easier.

Publications and papers

video lecture (in french) about formal proofs which involve computations

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Cours 2-7-1, MPRI 2012-2013

2011-2012 INF431 (Undergrad, L3, Algorithmique et Programmation)

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