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Ph.D funded by la Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM), France

PhD thesis Multi-dimensional probing for RNA secondary structure(s) prediction (Revised version)
Defence Support of the presentation
Journal articles
[1] Two ribosome recruitment sites direct multiple translation events within HIV1 Gag open reading frame
J. Deforges, S. De Breyne, M. Ameur, N. Ulryck, N. Chamond, A. Saaidi, Y. Ponty, T. Ohlmann and B. Sargueil.
Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 45, Issue 12, 7 July 2017, Pages 7382–7400,
Selected oral communications
Other communications
[4] 34th TBI winter seminar, Bled, Slovenia, 2017.
[3] Junior Conference, orsay, France, 2017.
[2] Ma thèse en 6 minutes , Gif-sur-yvette, France, 2017.
[1] Poster (first prize of the best poster, Interface graduate school, Paris saclay), Gif-sur-yvette, France, 2017.